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Urban Farm rebuilds pens after 13 animals killed by stray dogs

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DENVER -- After 13 animals were killed by stray dogs at Denver’s The Urban Farm, volunteers are working to rebuild and replace the old with new.

It was an accident that spurred action and now a box full of thank you notes.

“We are just looking forward to rebuilding,” said The Urban Farm 4-H volunteer Amy Marrs.

Two weeks ago, three sheep, eight goats and two rabbits were killed by two stray dogs who were able to jump into The Urban Farm’s animal enclosures.

“One of our goats would have had her triplets today,” Marrs said through tears.

Saturday was about celebrating new life.

“The sadness of the loss has been tempered by the generosity of the community,” Marrs said.

Thanks to nearly $9,000 in donations, volunteers worked to dismantle the old and unsafe pens, making way for new, higher poles and fences.

“These poles are being taken out. I’m sorry that they are going. They are like my favorite poles,” said Felicia Diamond, a board member for The Urban Farm.

“The purpose is, hopefully the eight-foot fence just to make it a lot tougher for animals to get in,” Marrs said.

“We could probably keep what’s his name, 'El Chapo' in here,” Diamond said of making the new pens like a supermax prison to keep the animals better protected from the outside.

The Urban Farm is still accepting donations. Volunteers still hope to build a barn and maternity shed.

The two dogs that killed the animals are still being held by Denver Animal Control.

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