Muslim community left wondering what’s next as legal battle over Trump order continues

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DENVER -- A federal judge temporarily halted President Donald Trump's executive order Friday night that called for a immigration ban from seven mostly Muslim countries.

The news came on a day in which the State Department confirmed 60,000 visas had been impacted since the ban went into effect.

"Oh my God, he did it, I couldn't believe," said Obeid Kaifo, a Syrian American whose family and friends are refugees.

Kaifo said that thought has been racing through his mind this past week. Now he fears a registry might be next.

"That's my biggest fear because if that happens, I am moving," Kaifo said.

But not all Muslims feel like Kaifo.

"The people inside America need to feel safe," said Najibullah Ahmadi, an immigrant from Afghanistan and Trump supporter.

Ahmadi believes the Muslim community needs to be more accepting to Trump's actions.

"He says 'Make America great,' but nobody waits to make a great America," Ahmadi said.

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