RTD keeps working to fix A Line issues; waiver granted to keep trains running

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DENVER -- Delays on RTD's A Line commuter train to Denver International Airport will continue after the transportation agency was granted a waiver by federal authorities.

The message from RTD is for commuters to be patient because the agency is working diligently to fix ongoing glitches.

During a quarterly media briefing Thursday, the Federal Railroad Administration still will not approve quiet zones along the tracks until the crossing gates close the way they are designed.

The issue, which was scheduled to be fixed in August, has cost Denver Transit Partners about $2 million in fines from RTD for failing to come through on its promises.

"We're working diligently with Denver Transit Partners on the software, hardware and circuit upgrades to get the activation time to match the design time. That's when the gate crossing activates and when the train arrives at the crossing," RTD general manager David Genova said.

RTD points out this is not a safety issue. In fact, the crossing gate arms are coming down a little too soon before the train arrives and staying down a little too long after it goes through the intersection.

It's that timing that has to be fixed because it impacts the flow of traffic.

Until the A Line crossing issues are repaired, RTD said the nearly finished G Line that runs from Union Station to Arvada and Wheat Ridge cannot open because the federal government wants to make sure those crossing gates don't have the same problems.