New Google Maps feature alerts drivers of parking availability

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DENVER — Colorado’s population boom has caused a bit of a nightmare driving on Interstate 25, taking a trip to the mountains and has even turned finding a parking space into a struggle.

Introduced earlier this month, a new feature on Google Maps aims to alleviate a bit of that stress.

The app indicates how difficult it will be to find parking at your destination.

“Historical parking data” calculates a parking difficulty score, according to Google.

The score is then displayed in the app with notifications such as “limited,” “medium” or “easy,” based on documented parking space demand.

But Google’s parking feature doesn’t seem to take into account current conditions.

To implement the feature, set the destination and activate directions in the app. An icon indicating the parking demand will then be featured at the bottom of the screen.

Google is experimenting with the new feature in 25 large cities, including San Francisco, Seattle, Miami and Denver.