Denver mother and author writes children’s book on Loss

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DENVER -- Nancy Sharp was just 37 years old when her husband, Brett, died of a brain tumor. Her 2-and-a-half-year old twins had a difficult time understanding the loss. “They didn`t know where he was, and they were searching for understanding and for meaning in their own way," she said.

The inspiration for her new book came from a real conversation with her two young children as they drove by a cemetery. According to Nancy, “Rebecca said, ‘Oh, is that where Daddy is?’ and before I answered Casey said to her, ‘No, Rebecca, Daddy is in the sky.’ And she said, ‘Is the sky back that way Mama?’ And Casey said, ‘No Rebecca, the sky is everywhere.’”

Now years later, the Denver mother and author has written a new book called “Because the Sky is Everywhere.”

It tells the story of little Liam, whose father has died, and Liam doesn’t know where his daddy is. Liam’s dreams take him up to the sky where he senses his father, and sees his reflection in the stars. “Just as the sky is everywhere, so too is his dad`s love,” Sharp says.

It’s a powerful message, and one that her twins still appreciate. They are now 15 years old and part of a much bigger blended family.

Years ago, after Nancy moved to Denver from New York, she saw a picture of Steve Saunders, a former TV news anchor, on the pages of 5280 Magazine.

His wife Pam had died of pancreatic cancer, and he was raising two sons, Ryan and Dillon. “Against all crazy odds, we wound up getting married and blending our families,” Nancy said.

Nancy shared her story in a memoir “Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss and Bold Living.”

She is a keynote speaker and award winning author. She hopes her new book can be used as a resource by families, hospitals and schools.

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