The Urban Farm at Stapleton recovering from dog attacks

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DENVER -- The Urban Farm at Stapleton executive director Mike Nicks has never seen anything like it.

"It was very shocking. It was hard to see that many animals dead like that," he said.

On Saturday night, two dogs attacked and killed goats, sheep and rabbits at the farm. Twelve animals at a cost of more than $4,000 were lost.

Denver Police Department and Denver Animal Control investigators have concluded the two dogs, both Labrador mixes, were solely responsible for the attacks.

Now, after the initial shock, the farm is in rebuild mode.

"We plan to redo the fences and make it more secure," Nicks said.

Total cost for materials is around $2,000.

"We do need money and we do need help," Nicks said.

The Urban Farm at Stapleton would be more than grateful for any monetary help to keep the animals safe and sound. "Their kindness and their generosity would be greatly appreciated by the animals," Nicks said.

The Urban Farm at Stapleton has set up a special fund to replace the sheep and goats, and to improve their pens so an incident like this cannot happen again.

To contribute, visit the nonprofit's website.

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