Sleeping in separate bedrooms after baby

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Sex and Marriage therapist Leslie Gustafson has some advice.

Sleeping in separate bedrooms is only one partial solution.

  1. Couples need to understand that the choice to sleep in separate bedrooms, can be a temporary help to sleep challenges, may have its downside. As a long-term pattern, it could be compromising to the marriage. Baby’s needs shouldn’t eclipse the needs of the couple, which I see all the time. Goal is to get baby regulated and sleeping and mom and dad back to normal life. How to keep postpartum phase from overrunning your life and to be on the lookout for the bigger issue of post partum depression.
  2. Other solutions
  • Seek help from your doctor and even a mental health professional.
  • Talk openly about your feelings with your partner, other mothers, friends, and relatives.
  • Join a support group for mothers—ask your health care provider for suggestions if you
    can’t find one.
  • Find a relative or close friend who can help you take care of the baby.
  • Get exercise as soon as your doctor gives the green light.
  • Cut down on unimportant tasks
  • Keep intimacy & marriage connection consistent


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