2 Your Health: Little changes can make a big difference

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DENVER -- Channel 2 is launching a new initiative called 2 Your Health, encouraging everyone to take care of their physical and emotional well being.  To kick things off we partnered with the American Heart Association to show that little changes can make a big difference.

Sydney Sullivan is proof of that. The mother of two from Thornton has always struggled with weight and heart problems. Heart disease runs in her family.

She was born with a congenital heart defect and had surgery at just five months old. Then when she was five, her grandfather died of a heart attack at the age of 54.

"He was very young, and I don`t want that for myself. I don`t want that for my family," Sullivan said.

So in August 2015 she decided to take action.

She lost her first 40 pounds with small changes, that made a big difference. She cut out fast food, and soda. She drank much more water, and she got a fitness tracker. "I was averaging about 2 to 4,000 steps a day when you are supposed to be averaging about  10,000 steps a day, and I was like how am I going to get 10,000 steps?"

Sydney had no exercise equipment, but she started walking more at the office and running in place when she watched TV. The weight started to come off.

Then last June she went to I Love Kickboxing in Northglenn. She found a community she loved, that would keep her motivated.

She's lost another 15 pounds, and her doctors say her health is improving, showing that little changes can make big differences.

Deborah Takahara and Mike Landess on 'Take the Stairs Tuesday'

Deborah Takahara and Mike Landess on 'Take the Stairs Tuesday'

Take the Stairs Tuesday

Another easy change you can make is taking the stairs. At Channel 2 we are launching "Take the Stairs Tuesday," encouraging everyone to use the stairs and burn those extra calories.




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