Stray dogs responsible for numerous animal deaths at Urban Farm at Stapleton

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DENVER -- Officials said it appears a dog attack is responsible for the deaths of multiple animal deaths at Urban Farm at Stapleton.

Two stray dogs were found on the property, and officials with the farm said it appears they were responsible for the deaths.

The Denver Police Department is still trying to figure out if there was any human involvement.

A volunteer for the nonprofit made the grisly discovery on Sunday morning, finding nine sheep and goats dead. Two of them were pregnant. Two severely mangled rabbits also were found.

All of the animals were inside their pens and cages. The president of the board of directors for the nonprofit said somehow secured gates were opened. The cages appeared to have been cut.

The farm is a place where children can visit to learn about raising farm animals.

"These are absolutely defenseless animals," said Harold Skramstad, president of the board of directors. "They are here to help kids learn. It's just a terrible thing. We got to replace the animals, we got to replace relationships, help kids rebuild those relationships."

The two stray dogs were Labrador and collie mixes, a male and a female.

The investigation into how they got inside is ongoing.

The state veterinarian is looking into the cause of death.