Denver resident Andrea Keppers competing on ‘Jeopardy!’ on Tuesday night

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DENVER -- A Denver woman competed on one of the greatest game shows on television Tuesday night.

Andrea Keppers said she first took the "Jeopardy!" online screening test in the fall of 2014, and didn't know if she passed until she got an email a few months later asking her to audition in Kansas City, Mo. More than a year later, she got the call.

"I had sort of given up. … [I thought] 'Man, it’s not my year, I’ll try again next time,'" Keppers said. "Then I got a call that they wanted me to come out to L.A. for a taping and I had three weeks to get my airline ticket and hotel and get out there."

"I was really nervous and I was excited," Keppers said. "I was at work when I got the call and I was jumping around hugging people cause I was really excited."

To prepare for the competition, Keppers said she watched the show as much as she could, played the "Jeopardy!" app on her phone and used the website to study previous questions.

"On the 'Jeopardy!' website they have every Final Jeopardy! question throughout history and I practiced those," Keppers said.

Keppers said she felt confident with "anything about music, anything about fine arts or humanities," but was concerned about her knowledge of vice presidents and Supreme Court justices, so she read up on those topics.

Keppers said once she got to the set, it was exciting and a little overwhelming, but everyone, including the other contestants, were very friendly.

"There are dozens of contestants that day because they tape multiple shows," Keppers said. "When it’s our turn, they just drew our name out of a hat ... so we didn’t know who our competitors were going to be."

Keppers said they got one "practice episode" with a stand-in for Alex Trebek before the actual taping.

"At first it’s a little bit overwhelming, but then you just have to dive in," Kepper said. "You don’t have time to really be that nervous about it."

Keppers said answering in the form of a question wasn't as hard as she thought it would be.

"I was surprised. It was easier than I expected actually. ... It sort of rolled off the tongue," Keppers said.

Keppers added that being on the show was a "bucket list moment."

"Statistically, the chances of being a contestant, even getting to the audition point are pretty steep, so I feel pretty happy and proud to even get to that point," Keppers said.

"I didn’t embarrass myself, so ... I’ll take that as a win," Keppers said.

As for the show's host, Keppers said she didn't really have a chance to talk to Trebek outside the taping. But said he looks just as handsome as he does on TV.

"Alex Trebek looks amazing. ... He’s incredibly smooth and very good looking for an older gentleman," Keppers said. "I thought a lot of TV magic happened but no, he really looks good in person."

Keppers finished second and took home $2,000.

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