Probable thief might have stolen car belonging to man who needs lung transplant

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DENVER -- Many people don't like red-light photo enforcement cameras at intersections, but one camera revealed could solve a car theft case.

In a FOX31 Problem Solvers update, a man waiting for a life-saving transplant was never so happy to get a ticket in the mail.

James Denny is third on the list for double lung transplant. To make things worse, someone stole the vehicle his wife Michelle needs to take him to the doctor, a white Subaru with the oxygen tanks James depends on inside.

A good Samaritan quickly responded and donated his BMW wagon. The Sharpest Rides dealership performed safety checks, added some extras and delivered the car to the Dennys.

The Dennys got quite a shock when they received a red-light camera ticket in the mail weeks later, showing the probable thief behind the wheel of their vehicle, whizzing through and Aurora intersection.

A ticket shows the white Subaru crossing East Mississippi Avenue and South Abilene Court after the light changes on Dec. 11, the same day the vehicle was stolen.

"I was just really in shock," James Denny said. "It's clearly not me in the picture. I have a beard and I’m about 40 years older than this kid.”