Daybreak Delights: Caramelized bananas

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Chef David Bondarchuck from Scratch Catering Services shows us how to make Caramelized bananas.

Caramelized Bananas

What You Need

Under ripe Bananas, firm but not green

Granulated Sugar

What to Do

Heat a pan to 325-350 degrees


Slice Bananas in half or into quarters.


For a garnish on the plate, leave banana in peel.


Press the banana into the sugar and place in the pan


Cooking Tip: Do not move the banana for at least 2 minutes. Allowing the sugar to melt and caramelize and glaze the banana. If you’re taking the banana out of the peel, flip the banana to caramelize on all sides.


*Serve atop, french toast, or waffles.


*Serve smaller pieces atop ice cream.


*Slice pieces of banana, and once you place them in the hot pan cover with pancake batter, to make caramelized banana pan cakes.