Taco Bell introduces chalupa with ‘shell’ made out of fried chicken

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Will you try the Naked Chicken Chalupa?

Taco Bell is introducing a new chalupa with a "shell" made out of fried chicken instead of fried flatbread.

The shell is made of all white-meat chicken and is filled with cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce and an avocado ranch sauce.

The new chalupa was tested in Bakersfield, California and Kansas City, Missouri and got positive feedback.

"We were getting feedback like, 'It's so healthy. It's so fresh,'" BuzzFeed News quoted Kat Garcia, Taco Bell’s senior manager of marketing, as saying back in May. "That really surprised us because it's fried chicken."

“We’re not going to market it as a health food item — I promise,” Taco Bell's Chief Marketing Officer Marisa Thalberg told Buzzfeed.

It is expected to cost $2.99.

The Mexican-themed chain will begin serving the new chalupa across the country starting Jan. 26.