Parents of boy stabbed at school want new law enacted

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The parents of a Colorado Springs boy who suffered a punctured lung after being stabbed by a fellow student want a law passed requiring all schools to call 911 and report all crimes to the police.

Even as a sixth-grader, Kyler Nipper knows pushing for change is the best way to right a wrong.

“I think that there needs to be a definite law that you need to call the police when somebody is injured at school,” said Kyler.

Three months ago, in a hallway of Carmel Middle School, Kyler was stabbed in the arm and chest with a pencil by another 11-year-old boy.

“I was literally turning blue. I couldn't really breathe. I was telling them, I can't really breathe,” Kyler said of the Oct. 7 incident.

Kyler said neither police nor paramedics were called in by a principal or nurse.

“The only thing they called was my parents and said 'Your son was stabbed in the hallway and we need you to come pick him up,'” he said.

His mom knew it was worse than it looked.

“His eyes were so sunken in and blue, his lips were blue by the time we got there, he could no longer speak to us,” said his mother, Sherise Nipper.

His parents took him to the hospital and learned Kyler had a punctured and collapsed lung. The hospital finally called police.

“Apparently, there’s no law in Colorado requiring schools to call 911, report crimes to police or anything that happened on their campus and I feel that is leaving a huge loophole in all of our children's safety,” Nipper said.

Kyler is still afraid to return to school, but even more afraid something like this could happen to someone else.

“There should be a state mandated law for all emergency situations across the board for every single district,” Nipper said.

Colorado Springs School District Number 2 they didn’t think Kyler’s injuries were that serious at the time.

It has since reviewed policy and now say when a student suffers a wound that breaks and punctures skin, 911 will be called.

Kyler and his parents said that's not enough. They’ve started an online petition to try to get a state law passed.

The boy who stabbed Kyler will be in court in February. He faces four charges including assault.