Police officer lets kids say goodbye to Navy dad over PA system

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SAN DIEGO — A kind gesture by a San Diego police officer meant the world to a military mom and her two children.

Rileigh, 4, and her little brother Austin were shouting their goodbyes across water to their dad, Josh Buetow, who was leaving for his first deployment on the USS Carl Vinson.

Officer James Weaver noticed this and pulled up next to the kids to allow them to speak loud and clear to their dad over the officer’s loudspeaker.

Their mom, Brettany Buetow, shared the photos on Facebook, saying, “Shout out to the San Diego Police Officer who pulled up next to us and asked if Rileigh and Austin wanted to tell their daddy they loved him as his ship went by, leaving for deployment.”

“They got to speak into the microphone and say, ‘bye daddy, we love you!!’ I am so grateful for ALL of the men and women in uniform who serve and protect our country,” she wrote.

The post has gone viral in the days since the act. Weaver said he never expected this response.

“As blown up as it’s getting and going viral and everything, I never expected that,” Weaver told KNSD. “I just thought I’d come over and try and let a couple of kids say bye to their dad. All of a sudden it made the news and we’re here doing interviews, so it’s definitely a memorable moment.”

“It meant a lot to us,” Buetow told KNSD. “I was holding it together pretty well until he asked them if they wanted to do that and I just slowly broke down and started crying.”

KNSD reports the couple also has a 3-month-old son and she is hoping to have her husband back home by summer.

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