PHOTOS: Reel Big Fish Melt the Colorado Cold With The Heat Of Ska Music

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Denver — Reel Big Fish started the second leg of their “Turn The Radio Off 20th Anniversary Tour” during Wednesday night’s single digit temperatures and snowfall. The tour also features bands Anti Flag, performing Die For The Government in it’s entirety, Ballyhoo and Direct Hit.

Reel Big Fish singer and guitarist Aaron Barrett has an incredible sense of humor. He wrapped that quick wit and sharp tongue around the performance of a 20 year old record with many self deprecating jokes. Pointing out when they had finished side A of the record, he began side B by saying, “I hate this side, but we’re doing it anyway.” They played cover tunes by Lita Ford, “Kiss Me Deadly” and closed with the A-ha tune “Take On Me.” His jokes continued all night. Referring to the horn section, with saxophonist “Saxl Rose”, who’s real name is Matt Appleton, as “beep beep beep all night long” and saying, with his tongue in cheek, “I get tired of it.” Barrett is very funny. He got the crowd to clap along stating he had no rhythm, but critiqued the rhythm in the room as being too fast or too slow settling on a speed and saying, “That’s gonna help me.” It was fun crowd involvement.

The hot tone of the horns and the “skankining” beat of Reel Big Fish’s music, Ska which is rooted in the Caribbean, warmed up the Ogden Theatre. It transported the fans to a warmer space and proved Reel Big Fish on a Winter tour is the right time, in the right place and a great Anniversary celebration of their album.