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Arvada nanny named first FOX31 Hero of the Month

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ARVADA, Colo. -- Army veteran Jan Dankert served 21 years in the military.  She was stationed all over the world, and even played a role in the first Gulf War.

She has never asked for any praise or attention for serving her country.  But she definitely deserves it.  And now she's getting it.

FOX31 chose Dankert as the first Problem Solvers Serving Those Who Serve Hero of the Month.

“This is honestly probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me, and it couldn't have happened at a better time,” Dankert said.

The timing is good, because Dankert, 54, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. And it always gets worse right around the holidays.

She’s also survived two serious cancer scares, and is in near-constant physical pain from injuries she suffered during her 21 years in the U.S. Army.

But none of it stops her from shoveling her friend’s sidewalk, or baby sitting full time for a 2-year-old or doing anything she can -- for everyone she can.

“Learning her back-story of serving in the military, and having a son -- she was a single mom in the military -- I always ask her, ‘Why do you do this?  Why do you watch children?  Why do you enjoy it?’  And she said, when she was in the military she had to leave (her four year old child) … to go serve.  So she felt like she had to give back,” said Laura Nunn, whose child Jan nannies.

“It's incredible what she went through -- and to come out of it and be as strong willed as she is,” said Joshua Nunn, Laura’s husband.

She always says yes. That's why when the Nunns contacted us to honor their nanny, we said yes to naming her our first Hero of the Month.

Dankert received a plaque and a $250 Visa gift card from DCP Midstream, official sponsor of the FOX31 Problem Solvers Serving Those Who Serve program.

It’s a small tribute to a woman who served her country for more than two decades, and continues to serve everyone around her.

"This is awesome.  This really did make my holidays,” Dankert said.

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If you know an active military member, veteran, military family, volunteer -- anyone worthy of this honor -- we want to here from you.  We'll go over all the submissions and pick next month's Hero of the Month soon.