Von Miller writes tribute to retired Broncos coach Gary Kubiak

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — In a special letter to Gary Kubiak, who retired as coach of the Broncos on Monday, linebacker Von Miller said “I’ll keep doing your work.”

Miller described his former coach as “a leader who was believable” and “a man of high character who always had a plan” in the letter published by Sports Illustrated/The MMQB.

“He knew he had to bench Peyton Manning for Brock Osweiler during the regular season a year ago in order to get Peyton fully healthy for the playoffs. And he knew when to insert Peyton back into the lineup,” Miller wrote. “It all worked because Kubiak always has a plan.”

Miller expressed appreciation for Kubiak’s ability to encourage and empower his players, and said Kubiak gave him the freedom to discover “what sort of player and person” he would become.

“I believe Kubiak’s trust in us paid dividends,” Miller wrote.

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Miller also praised Kubiak for the way he handled defeat.

“[He] did the hard things that great coaches do. In private, he talked to his players straight up, communicating clearly his expectations and corrections. In public, he took the blame for everything — even things that weren’t his fault.” Miller wrote.

Miller ended by saying he would keep “fulfilling the missions he gave me, and I will always remember the trust and respect he had for me from the first day.”