The Legend of the ‘Solid Muldoon’

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BEULAH, Colo. -- A long, long time ago (like 1877), a 7 and 1/2 foot tall humanoid-looking creature was discovered on the side of a hill outside of Beulah, Colorado.

Back then, people thought the 'creature' was the 'missing link' to humanity (they didn't have the internet back then to see what early humans looked like; can't blame em'.)

Well anyway, people in Beulah went nuts over the discovery. They even nicknamed it, 'The Solid Muldoon'.

"They thought this was a prehistoric man that somehow had gotten buried here," said Cheri Gardiner with The Beulah Historical Society.

Eventually, circus legend P.T. Barnum caught wind of 'The Solid Muldoon' and started touring it around the world. Regardless of which country he visited, people ate it up. Unfortunately, 'The Solid Muldoon' was nothing more than a hoax.

"I think it was a good hoax. P.T. Barnum made a lot of money off of it," Gardiner said.

Despite being a dud, Beulah still embraced its (human-like) beast.

In fact, some town folk made a replica version of 'The Solid Muldoon' and buried it atop Beulah Hill. They even made a headstone for it.

You can see it for yourself if you're ever driving on Highway 78 in Pueblo County.

OR... You can watch Kevin Torres' "Unique 2 Colorado" Report on it. Just hit 'play' on the video above. 

Reporter's Note: This is one whacky Colorado story!