Garbage men bring joy to young girl with cancer

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BLUE EARTH, Minn. — Three young girls have formed a special friendship with their two garbage men.

WCCO reports that every week for the past year, the three girls wait to hear the garbage truck and quickly get into position to wave at them.

The men, Brandon Olsen and Taylor Fritz, say it makes their day.

“We wait and we look for them. For us it makes our day,” Olsen said.

“It could warm anybody’s heart, seeing those girls wave,” Fritz said.

For Halloween, the men dropped off candy for the girls, who drew them pictures as a thank you. The guys treasure them.

After 3-year-old Rose was diagnosed with stage-4 kidney cancer, the parents wrote the men a note letting them know they might not see the girls every Thursday while Rose is getting treatment.

“We may miss you some Thursdays upcoming, our 3-year-old girl was diagnosed with cancer and has chemo on Thursdays,” the note said.

The note hit the guys so hard that Olson and Fritz bought Christmas gifts for the girls and their baby brother.

To top it off, Olson and Fritz donated their own complementary garbage service they get to the family to give them a year of free garbage service.

WCCO reports Rose might miss a few more weekly waves, but in the new year her chemotherapy day will change so she will be around to wave with her sisters on garbage day.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family.