Denver Zoo’s 31-year-old Asiatic black bear, Tenzing, dies

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DENVER – Denver Zoo’s 31-year-old Asiatic black bear named Tenzing died on Thursday, the Denver Zoo announced on Friday.

The zoo said they noticed a decline in her quality of life because of old age so zoo officials decided to humanely euthanize her on Thursday.

“This is always just so sad. Tenzing has been a member of our zoo family for almost 30 years. She was such an amazing bear and like many, had her fun quirks,” Denver Zoo Assistant Curator of Carnivores Steve Venne said. “We’ll always have fond memories of her climbing her tree to relax and get some sun. We’re really going to miss her.”

The zoo says that Tenzing was born at Koln Zoo in Germany in January 1985 and came to the Denver Zoo in December 1987.

She was the last Asiatic black bear at the Denver Zoo.