Denver police planning for safe New Year’s Eve

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DENVER -- Denver is getting ready to put on a show for New Year’s Eve. Two fireworks shows set for 9 p.m. and midnight will light up the downtown sky.

The Denver Police Department said it is ready for the expected large crowds with enhanced security.

“You’ll see officers that may be on motorcycle, you’ll see officers on foot, you’ll see officers in squad cars, and maybe even officers on horseback,” police spokesman John White said.  “There will be a pretty strong presence in the downtown area over the weekend.”

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Police say each district will have the proper amount of officers working, so there shouldn’t be any lag of service time or service calls elsewhere.

“We’ve been planning this for some time now,” White said. “We realize with the nice weather that we anticipate seeing a larger number of folks coming into the downtown area and specifically the 16th Street Mall area.”

Businesses along the mall are expected to see an increase in customers and are prepared as well.

“Each business that decides to have some type of event, often times they’ll hire officers in an off-duty capacity to kind of supplement the officers that are on duty,” White said.

The city of Denver’s website has a  full list of New Year's festivities.