Denver Date Nite plans dates for you

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DENVER -- If you waited until the last minute to make New Year's Eve plans, you still have some options.

Gretchen Bartek runs Denver Date Nite and wants to make sure the last minutes of 2016 are a memorable one.

"I got a couple about an hour ago. They're looking to celebrate their second anniversary. Unique, romantic and memorable," Bartek said.

When you log on to the site, you say how much you would like to spend and where in town you would like to spend it. The concierge fee ranges from $15 to $60, depending on the type of date.

"Whenever you need a date night, try a new neighborhood," Bartek said.

She came up with the idea using her own life as a married mother of two as motivation.

"One night I remember the baby sitter saying, 'Oh you're home already?' This is not going to work. We used to being fun," she said.

She can customize the date plans.

"I  had a young couple who wanted a little romance and some fun, so we started them with some cocktails, Zumba room, romantic tapas," Bartek said.

So as the ball drops, Bartek can help make sure you're in the right spot to ring in 2017.

"The city of Denver is amazing and there are hundreds of restaurants and it's hard to stay on top of it -- so, we'll do it for you," Bartek said.

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