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Littleton teachers, students and families rally behind principal paralyzed while snowboarding

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The Littleton Public Schools system is rallying behind one of their own after a heartbreaking snowboarding accident at Keystone two days before Christmas.

"When I hit, all of the impact was on my spine, the moment I hit I knew I was paralyzed," Allyson Mallory said during an exclusive interview Wednesday.

While some tears are expected with this story what is not expected is the outpouring of support the Littleton school system -- teachers, parents and students -- have given 37 year old Mallory.

Mallory is the principal of Ralph Moody Elementary School and has no feeling from the waist down.

In a little over 48 hours over $30,000 has been raised to help Mallory.

The money will be used to cover bills associated with making her life wheelchair accessible -- including home improvements and hopefully a new car.

"It is overwhelming," Mallory said.

We saw the generosity first hand outside Moody elementary with parents and students making heart gesture to honor the principal.

"I really hope she feels better and I really hope I get to see her back at school," Shelby Kramp, a fifth grade student said.

Mallory hopes to be back soon -- the superintendent telling us she will remain in charge and will be welcomed back as soon as she is ready.

"The Ralph Moody Community has been my family over the last year and a half," Mallory said with a tear on her cheek.