How ‘racial amnesia’ helped Trump win

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An American historian claims people forget that race has played a role in the history of the United States, for better or worse.

He points out that when the Declaration of Independence was adopted there was half a million slaves.  As African Americans were slowly granted rights, it led to a violent backlash, including the creation of the KKK.

“It doesn’t fit the image of the greatness that we want to have of our own country,” he said. “I think it’s indisputable to say that race – in one form or another – played a major role in President-elect Trump’s victory.”

He cites the verbiage President-elect used towards Muslims and Mexicans throughout the campaign, which some viewed as inflammatory. Others found the language empowering and justified.

Strong feelings regarding Trump’s viewpoint may have been a reaction to some people’s dissatisfaction of the policies of the current administration.

“From the very beginning, Obama in the Oval Office sparked deep resentment among some people.”

He claims that racial amnesia causes Americans to forget certain ugly aspects of our country’s history. “People want a comforting history,” he said.