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How to get the most out of unwanted gift cards

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DENVER -- Christmas is over and many of us are left with unwanted gifts. Most are easily returned but what about gift cards?

What are we supposed to do with unwanted gift cards that we will never use?
A research company estimates that one billion dollars of the 130 billion spent on gift cards last year went unused. So instead of wasting a gift card, here are some other uses.

The easiest solution, is to re-gift it, if you don't want it, someone else might and the gift cards typically last for several years so its gives you some time to find the right person.

Another option is selling it. Various websites allow you to buy and sell gift cards - you won't get the full value but you'll still recoup some of the value, and that's a lot better than wasting it.
You could donate it by giving directly to a charity, school, church or needy family in your community.


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