Fly fishing trip provides therapeutic retreat for women with breast cancer

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BAILEY, Colo. -- On the chilly waters of Willow Creek near Bailey, you'll find a group of women ankle-deep in a new challenge. They're doing it - to help take their mind of a life-threatening challenge they already face.

"(Having breast cancer) is an experience that can make you feel kind of alone. And nobody is alone here. No one`s alone," said Jean Redd.

Redd is one of more than a dozen women taking part in a fly fishing weekend retreat organized by Casting for Recovery, a charity that tries to improve the quality of life for women who've been diagnosed with breast cancer, by introducing them to the therapeutic sport of fly fishing.

"I found that I like to be around other women who have or had breast cancer. And I used to think that it would be kind of a bummer," Redd told FOX31.

She has never fly fished in her life. But now more than ever she wants to try new things. Redd first was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007.

"I cussed. I seriously did some cussing when our chief of radiology came and gave me the news, and then I said 'How am I going to tell my kids?'  Because I seriously didn`t know how I could deliver that news to them when they were 13 and 18 years old at the time," Redd said.

She thought she'd beaten it, until a year ago this month, when they told her she had breast cancer again. This time, stage four. It has spread.

"That is pretty devastating," Redd said.

She doesn't know what the future holds. But on this weekend, she's learning how to live in the moment. And enjoy as much as you can. That's why the charity started this retreat, and covers the cost. It's why expert fly fishing guides donate their time and talent. So these women experience living again. Enjoy the therapy that comes with this sport. And inspire each other.

"I just did something really cool for the first time in my life. And something that I thought was beyond my grasp," Redd said.

"This is just kind of paving the way to a lot of things that I thought I couldn`t do that I`m going to do," she added.