7-year-old gets job at McDonald’s, buys presents for other kids

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BICKNELL, Ind. — A new McDonald’s employee in Indiana has a hard time seeing over the counter.

Trenton Gardner asked the manager of his favorite McDonald’s for a job every time he visited. The thing is, Trenton is only 7 years old.

General manager Rhonda Butler said he cried when he was told he was too young, according to WTHI.

Trenton’s mother said when Toys for Tots boxes came out, he asked about them. She told him some children weren’t so fortunate and they don’t get Christmas presents like he does because their families can’t afford them.

She said that made him sad.

He wanted to get a job at McDonald’s again.

Finally, the manager decided to make Trenton an honorary employee. He works for change, but the money he makes goes to Toys for Tots so he can buy Christmas presents for other children.

“You see when I wipe the tables and customers are at the tables, I get paid for it,” Trenton said.

“Every time he would come in he was like ‘Am I hired? Do I get a job? Can I start?’ You know he was like I can make food, I can do that,” Butler said.

The boy is in charge of wiping down tables and he collects donations from customers.

The McDonald’s store has also joined the cause and donated toys.

Trenton and his parents were able to deliver a truckload to their local Social Ministries earlier this week.