Kirk’s Holiday Tech Gift Guide – Tech for Kids!

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20161219_071354Air Jamz - $50

Air guitar is cool, playing with an air pick is even cooler!  The Air Jamz connects to your smartphone (iPhone or Android) and rocks the music from your phone's speakers as you play.  It's a motion sensor combined with bluetooth in the shape of a big guitar pick.  It's fun and if my 8-year-old is any proof, kids will love it.

I found it for $40 on Amazon and Wal-Mart and both promise to get it to you buy Christmas if you order it today (Dec 19th.)

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-7-54-11-amItty Bitty City 8 in 1 - $130 (via Indiagogo)

Most Kids LOVE Legos.  Problem is, Legos are "dumb."  Itty Bitty City makes Legos smart!  Technically they're not Legos but the bricks included are compatible with Lego.  Itty Bitty City adds a brain and motors to your Lego creations.   The kit includes 8 projects from a windmill to a smart car!

20161219_071348Ozobot Evo - $99

It's no bigger than a bouncy ball but the Ozobot Evo is no ball of rubber.  It's a smart robot that is designed to be social.  You can control it with your smartphone but it also plays games, follows routes and interacts with other Ozobot Evos!

I found it for $85 on Amazon and it's Prime!

20161219_061832YeeHaw 3d Printer for kids - $249 (via IndieGoGo)

Kids are fascinated with 3D printers.  Can you blame them?  So are adults!  Problem is most 3D printers can be dangerous for kids.  The nozzle is way too hot.  YeeHaw is the 3D printer designed for kids.  The second you open the door, the nozzle retracts so kids can't burn themselves.  It's also controlled via an app that is simple enough for most kids to figure out once Mom or Dad get it setup.

YeeHaw is on IndieGoGo ($249 still available) and if you order it early this week they'll have it on your doorstop by Christmas!