Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt On Their New Film “Passengers”

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An early Christmas present this week, a brand new movie in theaters a different kind of Sci-fi film starring two of our favorites. “Passengers,” stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.   It tells the story of a space ship carrying passengers to a new planet.  They're all put in deep sleep for the long journey.  Only problem, Chris Pratt’s sleeping pod opens 100 years early.  He's trapped, the only one awake on the space ship.  We got the Colorado exclusive with Chris and Jennifer.  Because he's the only one awake on the ship, he kind of goes crazy, in fact, he just walks around in the nude.  Yes, you will see Chris Pratt’s rear end in this film. The film is rated pg-13 well have much more with Chris and Jennifer all week here on the show.