‘Frozen woman’ in car turns out to be mannequin

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HUDSON, N.Y. — Police in New York broke into a vehicle to help an elderly woman who appeared to be left out in the cold, but it turns out the woman wasn’t even real. It was just a mannequin.

Police said it happened on Friday when three officers, members from the detective division and two ambulances rushed to scene on the cold morning after the report that people say what they thought was an elderly woman with an oxygen mask on who seemed unresponsive.

“We found a snow-covered car, frosted windows and it looked like it had an old woman, an elderly woman frozen in the front seat,” Sgt. Randy Clarke of the Hudson Police Department said.

After breaking into the Subaru, police realized it was an extremely realistic, life-sized mannequin.

The owner of the car walked over and told police he was a sales manager for a company that makes medical training aides and the mannequin was a CPR training device.

This was no ordinary mannequin. Photos show it was very detailed — with hair, real clothing and shoes and even skin blemishes. It was even wearing a seat belt.

Police said the owner was not happy that police broke into his car without permission and said he carried the mannequin in his car so a seat belt could be put on it.

“I can’t put what he said on air, but he was not very happy with the police department for forcing entry into his car,” Clarke said.

Police have some advice for the owner of the car going forward.

“If it was a joke, it’s a very poor, tasteful joke,” Clarke said. “If it was a matter of convenience for him, he was driving a station wagon; carry your mannequin a little bit better. The mannequin was in the front seat with a seat belt on, appearing to be a passenger in a car.”

No charges were filed, but police said they would do the same thing again.

It is not clear whether the police department will pay for the man’s broken window.