Frontier Airlines apologizes for weekend fiasco at Denver International Airport

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DENVER -- Frontier Airlines apologized on Monday after a weekend snowstorm stranded several hundred passengers at Denver International Airport.

Some passengers said they waited for almost 30 hours at the airport because of the problems. Some passengers had their bags checked and placed on the ground in a sea of luggage at the airport.

Some Frontier passengers said they were stranded on the tarmac for up to five hours. Others were waiting in line for more than 10 hours to speak to customer service. Some people were sleeping in line.

The Airline Pilots Association ripped the airline in a letter to its members, saying Frontier "once again fell on its face."

"We want to apologize to customers who have been affected," Frontier spokesman Jim Faulkner said. "We’ve been working hard to fix the operation."

Faulkner blamed the fiasco on stranded crews in different cities and crews that had reached their flight time limits.

"We had large numbers of (pilots and flight attendants) who were stranded outside of Denver over the weekend, and many were scheduled to operate flights from Denver to somewhere else," Faulkner said. "In some cases, we had a plane but no crew to fly it because of the weather.

"Because our crews can only legally fly for a certain amount of time, many of them 'timed out' and were unable to continue on a trip."

Faulkner said the airline will focus on getting baggage to customers on Monday.

"We brought in staff overnight to sort through bags for passengers both in the bag claim area and downstairs where the bags are loaded and taken off planes," he said in a statement. "We suggest that customers fill out a bag claim form online and submit it that way."

About 275 Frontier flights were canceled across the country over the weekend and about 70 percent of flights nationwide were delayed. Specific cancellations and delays at DIA weren't available, Faulkner said.

Still, several passengers took to social media to express their disgust.