Kids show no remorse about opening Christmas presents early

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WESTMINSTER, Colo. -- A young sister and brother got busted for opening some of their presents more than a week before Christmas.

Raiin, 3, and her brother Cree, 2, might have gotten away with it except their mom found them wearing the pajamas that had been wrapped up and left under the tree.

Their mother was videotaping when she confronted them about where they got the new pajamas.

"Where'd you get those jammies?" she can be heard asking.

"From under the Christmas tree," Raiin answers.

"Who told you to unwrap the gifts under the Christmas tree?" the mom asked.

"Nobody," Raiin answers.

When she can't get any more answers out of Raiin, the mother turns to young Cree.

"Did you get under the tree and get the presents?" she asks.

"Yeah," Cree admits.

"Why?" the mother asks.

"'Cause!" Cree says with a smile.

"Why?" the mother asks again.

"'Cause!" Cree says again, with an even bigger smile.

We're not sure what Santa Claus will make of their naughty behavior, but we're hoping he'll overlook it since they were so honest.