Salt-brine mix great for the roads, damaging to cars if not washed

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DENVER -- The Colorado Department of Transportation is using a new product to keep drivers safe on the roads during the winter months.

It’s a salt-brine mix that CDOT trucks spread on the road about eight to 10 hours before snowfall as a pretreatment.

“Brine and our anti-icing strategy helps us get ahead of the storm,” CDOT deputy superintendent John Lorme said.

The salt-brine mixture is great for the roads, but can also damage cars if they're not kept clean. Car rust and corrosion is caused by acid created when salt is dissolved by the moisture in the air.

“If we’re putting any product on the road, people should be aware these are chlorides and cause metal to rust, so they should wash their cars,” CDOT Region 1 director Mike O'Neill said.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers have some things to remember when dealing with salt-brine mix.

  • Never drive behind a truck spreading salt and brine.
  • Avoid puddles as they can hold larger amounts of the salt and brine mix.
  • Pretreat your car’s undercarriage. Coating it will prevent salt from sticking. Collision shops offer an oil solution pretreatment that can be sprayed on vehicle's exposed parts.
  • Get a car wash soon after a storm. be sure to include an an undercarriage wash.
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