Family pets suddenly go missing

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DENVER -- A family's dogs have been missing from their home near Federal Boulevard and College Avenue since Dec. 6.

"I've been crying for days," Anita Martinez said of Kilo and Pinta. "I want all my dogs back there's nothing that could replace Kilo.”

She said Pinta and Kilo are loved by the children in the neighborhood.

"They're friendly. They look mean, but they're not," she said.

While Martinez said anyone could have taken the dogs, she is fearful that someone who knows where the dogs lived might have them.

"There's no way from the street that you see them," she said.

Martinez has a tearful plea for anyone who might have the dogs or knows where they are.

"If they don't want to get in trouble because they're harboring them, just take them to the dog pound," she said. "I don't care (about paying) the fee. I just want my dogs back.”