Kubiak on Talib shoving Norwood: ‘We have to control our emotions’

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Emotions ran high throughout the game Sunday night as the Broncos took on the Kansas City Chiefs in an AFC West showdown at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

That was especially true in the fourth quarter when the Broncos were trailing, 16-10, and receiver Jordan Norwood muffed his second punt of the game.

Many teammates were not happy with him and cornerback Aqib Talib shoved Norwood as a sign of his disapproval. The turnover gave the Chiefs the ball at their 41-yard line.

On the next punt, Norwood called for a fair catch and the crowd cheered.

Coach Gary Kubiak addressed the issue in his Monday news conference, saying there is nothing to be concerned about.

“We compete at the highest level and our guys compete all the time,” Kubiak said. “Jordan and Aqib are fine. I can tell you that. That’s not an issue.”

Kubiak added that sometime emotions in the game get in the way and the Broncos need to control their emotions better.

“We have to control our emotions. It’s a very competitive environment down there,” Kubiak said. “There was no harm intended. I can tell you that. Those two guys are fine and we’ll continue to compete.”

Kubiak added he was OK with the interaction because he wants players to compete, but they have to handle it better.

"I tell our guys, ‘We battle together, we don’t battle each other.’ They understand that, but we’re out there competing," Kubiak said.

Norwood also spoke on the incident, saying everything is good between him and Talib.

"It’s an emotional game. Me and Talib spoke earlier today and squared things away," Norwood said. "We all want to win football games. There are a lot of emotions behind that.

"He’s an emotional player. Everybody knows that and everybody sees that. He wants this team to win just like I do."

Norwood added he doesn't think there is any negativity in the locker room.

"No, definitely not. I think it’s already squashed," he said.

Talib said more of the same that the two are all good.

"You have to be in pads and helmets to understand what is going on at the time. I apologized to [Jordan]. We’re all good," Talib said.

The Broncos fell to the Chiefs in an overtime heartbreaker, 30-27.  They play at the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.