Thief caught on camera stealing man’s prized possession

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WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. -- For years, they’ve been a favorite target of car thieves.

Denver Police even warned owners of Ford trucks about a rash of thefts in September.

It’s a sad crime statistic a Wheat Ridge man is learning about the hard way.

It was both an ordinary and special day at work at Heinie’s Market Saturday for 31-year-old Kole Silz.

It was his birthday. But instead of receiving something special, a thief took his prized possession.

Like any business, employees at Heinie’s Market off 44th Avenue and Tabor Street have to watch out for shoplifters.

“The most common thing to get stolen here are the jams,” Silz said, whose family has owned the business for a long time.

But Silz never imagined someone would swipe his ride.

“I always lock my truck. It’s not going to get stolen here at work in broad daylight. It did,” he said.

Store security cameras caught the thief in action Saturday.

You first see him walk on the sidewalk east of the store then disappear from view.

”He sat in my truck for about seven minutes on camera. Obviously, hot-wiring it,” Silz said.

Then, the thief gets out--walking south across the parking lot, where a camera captures its best distinguishing shot: he’s wearing tan high-top shoes.

“It really sucks. It’s a really terrible feeling to watch it happen,” says Silz.

The crook returns minutes later--eventually making his way out of the parking lot—as if on a Sunday drive.

Silz had been putting up a Christmas tree lot--as far away from his truck as he could be and didn’t hear it’s loud engine roar.

“He loves it more than me and anything in the world,” Silz’ wife, Jennifer Ornelas said.

She said the thief robbed her husband of a bit of his joy and she hopes our viewers will help bring it back.

It’s a 1997 F-250 Power Stroke short-bed, white with a teal stripe at the bottom, black wheels, tinted windows and Colorado Hunt and Fish plates.

“My hope is to find my truck or find the guy who did it. It would make me feel pretty good for him to get caught,” Silz said.

If you recognize the suspect or see the truck, call Wheat Ridge Police.

Silz is also offering a $1,000 for its safe return.