Will Trump’s Attorney General impact Colorado’s marijuana laws?

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DENVER -- It was announced Friday that Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama will lead the Department of Justice under President - Elect Donald Trump.

Sessions is expected to be confirmed by the senate.

But should supporters of marijuana in Colorado be concerned?

After all Sessions said in April, "We need grown ups in Washington to say marijuana is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized," as well as, "good people don't smoke marijuana."

During a narcotics hearing this year Sessions asked "Is there any sense Colorado might reevaluate what they done?"

The Attorney General overseas the DEA, FBI, and US Attorneys.

Despite Sessions past comments the marijuana community in Colorado says supporters should not be concerned.

"There is no reason to be actually worried at this point," Mason Tvert, with Marijuana Policy Project, said.

Tvert believes Trump will make Sessions follow his positions outlined during the campaign --- that is a hands off approach.

"The president-elect has made it very clear the state should not interfere in state marijuana laws," Tvert said.

Governor Hickenlooper reiterated this during an interview with Channel 2 earlier this week.

"I think Donald Trump to a large extent respects states rights," Hickenlooper said.