PHOTOS: Bad Suns Appear With Coin at the Bluebird Theater

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Denver — The “Disappear Here” tour rolled in to the Bluebird Theater this week. Bad Suns and Coin complimented each other well. Bands that write emotional music that don’t play “emo” rock continue to evolve. These two bands are contributing to a sound that’s always growing. From Depeche Mode to the less known Armor for Sleep, Bad Suns come from this heritage. Coin flow more in a pop vein, the blood mixed in their sweat comes from a DIY heart.


Bad Sun’s music is solid. It feels dark and moody while light and poppy. It has tones of  Depeche Mode’s Violator record or Armor for Sleep’s Dream to Make Believe. Disappear Here is a good record. It’s solid from beginning to end. Their first record Language and Perspective is a complete work too. It computes that they’re excellent live and they are, from “Cardiac Arrest”, “Rearview” and “Salt” to “Heartbreaker.” Their dark stage lighting and song after song sing-alongs fit perfectly in the Bluebird.

Coin in contrast played backlit by orange light a neon “COIN” sign hung to the side of the stage. From “Run” to the latest single “Talk Too Much” they are light and happy. The fans lining the stage went nuts as their high energy singer Chase Lawrence and guitarist Joe Memmel performed. Chase proudly displayed a Colorado State Flag that had been modified by a couple of girls at the front of the stage as he exited. It had been enhanced with the letters O,I,N really making it a COIN Colorado Flag.

The whole thing wrapped up by 10:30 and really felt like a complete performance rather than two bands thrown together. Coin from Nashville and Bad Suns from Los Angeles covered the gamut of alternative musical tastes. It was enjoyed by all from the first note until the last encore. There wasn’t a single slow moment. Check out the photos.