Twitter adds mute feature to blocks certain words, phrases, emojis from notifications

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SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter is ramping up its effort to curb online harassment.

Over the next few days, the company will add new features to help users block content they don’t want to see.

Twitter said it’s expanding its mute feature to let people filter out words, phrases and emojis they don’t want to see in their mentions and notifications.

Instagram rolled out a similar feature this year.

Del Harvey, Twitter’s vice president of trust and safety, spoke to The Washington Post about the company’s “long fight against trolls.”

The Post said Twitter is “trying to make sure that it has tools to shut down harassment on the site without crossing the line into limiting speech.”

“We have tried to be thoughtful, to make sure we don’t have unintended and negative consequences,” Harvey told The Post.

The company is also revamping its abuse reporting system so people can report harassment and hate speech directly.

“Twitter has also made it easier for bystanders to report abuse — so person B can report that person C is harassing person A,” The Post reported.

Harvey told The Post that Twitter is continually training its staff on how to recognize abusive behavior and keep up to date with the evolving language of hate.

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