Pinpoint Weather Alert Day: Cold temps remain; two chances for light snow

Metro Denver residents hang Christmas lights in 77-degree weather

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DENVER -- On a scale from 1 to 10, Highlands Ranch resident Barbara Bernardo gives the Christmas season an 11.

A brightly lit house is simply a must for a Bernardo classic Christmas.

"It makes me feel warm," she said.

And speaking of warm, with 70-plus-degree weather in the Denver metro area, now is the time to hang 'em high.

Tony Hahn from Swingle Tree Company (they do lights, too) said decorate your home before the snow flies.

"It's going to snow on Thursday or Friday so it's going to be slippery and icy and ladder accidents are never fun," he said.

The last thing Bernardo is going to do this season is get on a ladder. Last Christmas she broke a rib falling off a stool inside her home decorating a tree.

This year, she's paying to have it done.

"We don't have to get up on the roof.  We don't have to take down the lights.  We don't have to store them.  They do it all.  If they fall I'm not paying any medical bills," she said.

Bernardo is doing it up this year. The entire roof line with lights, all the windows, wrapped pillars in front, icicles on the front porch and wrapping the trees as well. Total cost is $2,100.

She might not be saving any money this year, but she says happily, "It's saving my marriage."

So, from here on out, the only people allowed on her roof are Swingle ... and Santa Claus.

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