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Hot toys for the Holiday

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The Toy Guy, Chris Byrne from Time To Play Magazine shows us what's hot this holiday season.

Age 2+/$69.99
Always looking for new ways to engage and educate children, LeapFrog introduces its newest learning system, LeapStart. This interactive device is designed to help kids build key skills, both for school and for life. There are more than 400 activities across a library of 16 books, sold separately, divided into four levels with 50 key skills per level. Kids can progress from preschool to pre-K to kindergarten and then first grade with the four levels of LeapStart books.

Age 3+/$9.99
This new collection of Barbie Fashionistas dolls is devoted to the idea that there isn't one standard of beauty. Kids are all different...and now dolls are all different. Curvy Barbie is one of the three new body types in the Fashionista's Spring 2016 collection. She's pure Barbie at heart with a fashion-forward style and an attitude and spirit kids love. The Spring 2016 collection includes four different body types. Plus, they have 7 skin shades, over 20 different hair colors, 24 hairstyles and more. The entire collection includes 33 dolls.

Age 4+/$59.99
Frozen fans can embrace Elsa's powers to create her ice castle with Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa's Magical Rising Castle Playset from Hasbro. Just like the name implies, this cool playset magically rises to 20-inches tall, allowing kids to pretend to have Elsa's powers. The set comes with the glossy white and blue, rising ice castle, a three-inch posable Elsa Little Kingdom doll, an Olaf doll, two dresses, a cape, and nine snap-ins, plus additional accessories to decorate the castle and engage in imaginative play. There's also a kid-sized cuff bracelet for girls to wear, themselves.

Age 3+/$16.99
Review in works
The Moodsters are five lovable little detectives - Lolly, Snorf, Coz, Razzy and Quigly -  who use special sleuthing skills to help their friends, Zach and Zoey, when they have a feelings emergency. The five Moodsters personify basic emotions that all children experience in their everyday lives - happiness, anger, love, sadness and fear. Each of The Moodsters toys focuses on teaching kids how to handle and express emotions through a storybook which is based on a research-backed Emotional Intelligence curriculum developed by Marc Brackett, Ph.D., of The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

Just Play
Age 3+/$6.99
There are a lot more Lion Guard characters to collect and play with in The Lion Guard Series 3 Mini Collectible Figures lineup. This new wave of mini collectible figures includes 12 character figures, including the rare copper Fuli. Collect all-new characters from the show as well as new poses for some of your favorite characters. Each figure comes packaged in a blind bag, which means you won`t know which one you`re getting until you open the bag. And each figure is sold separately. In this collection, there is Bunga the honey badger who is part of The Lion Guard; Dogo the jackal pup; Ono the egret who is also part of The Lion Guard; Battle Janja the hyena; a hyrax, a furry brown animal that climbs trees and rubs itself with snakeskin so that snakes won`t eat them; Thurston the zebra; Ushari the Egyptian Cobra; Battle Fuli the cheetah and member of The Lion Guard; Timon, the classic meerkat character from The Lion King who also appears in The Lion Guard; Roaring Kion, the main character of The Lion Guard who is also the son of Simba and Nala from The Lion King; Reirei the jackal who is the mother of Dogo; and the rare copper figure of Fuli the cheetah.

Age 3+/$29.99
TOMY's John Deere Monster Treads 2x Scoop Tractor, for ages 3 and up, is a monster-sized tractor that has monstrous cool features. To get to work, turn on the truck by flipping the switch located underneath the truck. Now it's time for action! Push the orange tractor lever forward to activate the front loader. Pull the lever back to activate the rear backhoe. As you push and pull the lever, watch in wonder as the tractor lights up and listen in excitement as the tractor makes different sounds. Both the lever and backhoe move up and down, which means you can experiment with picking up different objects and pretending like you're a hard-working farmer.

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