Hot toys for the Holiday

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The Toy Guy, Chris Byrne from Time To Play Magazine shows us what's hot this holiday season.

The Disney Store
Age 3+/$39.95
Find out how far you can go with the Disney Moana Feature Doll, which sings a snippet from the song 'How Far I'll Go' when you press the doll's left hand. This 11-inch singing doll looks just like the character from the new Disney movie Moana, complete with dark, wavy hair and two movie-realistic outfits. The first is a cropped top with screen art print and a skirt with grass and tassel print. Moana wears armbands with molded feathers and puka shells. A molded headdress also goes with this outfit. The second outfit consists of a cropped top with tapa cloth print with scalloped hem and a tapa cloth print skirt. With both outfits, the doll can wear her necklace, and there is even a light-up version of the necklace for kids to wear. The Moana doll also comes with a paddle and figures of her two animal friends, Pua the pig and Hei Hei the rooster.

Age 3+/$12.99
The Sing-A-Ma-Lings are silly little singing things. Each soft, singing character also talks and makes funny sounds when you give them a squeeze. There are six to collect, including Frankie, Sawyer, Blush, Noodle, Darcy, and Bo, and each one sings a different song. You can hold the squeeze to make them hold the note a little longer, or quickly squeeze to make them sing the song really fast. And as sing their mouth opens into an 'O' shape and you'll be able to see their bright white teeth.
There are two other play modes you can switch to by pressing their hands. In Jibber Jabber mode, there`s silly sounds; in Harmonize mode, they sing different notes with every tummy squeeze. If you have other Sing-A-Ma-Lings, put them in Harmonize mode, squeeze all the Sing-A-Ma-Lings at the same time, and listen to them sing and harmonize together.

Age 5+/$22.99
Lil Lockitz Memory Studio comes with Memory Studio, Display, Locket Tops and Backs, Necklaces, Bracelets, Key Chain Clasps, Charms, Backgrounds, Tweezers, Photo Stencil, and instructions. To get started, set up the Memory Studio by clipping the two halves of the Locket Display together. Organize your supplies by spinning the studio cover. To make a locket, turn the knob to the left to lift the lid and place a Locket Back inside. Pick a colorful background and place it in the locket base.  Then fill the locket with charms and gems.You can use the tweezers to pinch or scoop your favorite elements, or just use your hands. Choose a colored top for your locket, use a top with one loop for a necklace or key chain, and two loops for a bracelet and place it on the locket back. Turn the knob to the right to close the lid, seal your locket, and infuse it with Special Magic. When the music stops, turn the knob to the left to open the lid and reveal your Locket. Clip your key chain, tie your necklace, or strap your bracelet and there, you have a Locket with a special memory! If you want to add something to your necklace, just pop it open and add it, no biggie. You can show off your lockets by wearing them, of course, or displaying them in the Locket Display.

Age 4+/$21.99
Stikbot Studio Pro lets you make stop-motion green screen animated movies quickly and easily. Green screen is a process by which  something is shot against a green screen (in this case your Stikbot figures) and the green background is replaced by another image. (Professionals call this chromo key, and say that the background has been "keyed out." Usually, this is a fairly complicated  technical process requiring sophisticated and specialized equipment. However, Stikbot Studio Pro lets you do this easily and on the fly.

Age 8+/$79.99
Choose your robot warrior and send them into battle with the Hexbug BattleBots Arena. Modeled after fan favorites Witch Doctor and Tombstone from the BattleBots series on ABC, the bots have their own unique weapons and designs (such as Tombstone's coffin shape and rotating block) that help them crush the competition in style. Also available are Bronco and Bite Force, sold separately. These bots also feature tethered handles that activate unique weaponry.

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