Colorado woman is the first to wear hijab for CoverGirl

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DENVER -- A Denver woman is breaking barriers and smashing stereotypes as she becomes a CoverGirl. Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia is the newest face of CoverGirl.

Afia hopes being a part of this new campaign inspires others to be comfortable with who they are. In summer 2012, Afia was just starting to make a name for herself on social media.

“I started watching YouTube videos and I noticed that there were some other Muslim girls doing it but they were doing fashion,” Afia said.

Afia wanted to share videos of her own, but instead of fashion she focused on her real passion.

“I love the makeup transformation to like full glam," she said.

Before Afia knew it, she had thousands of followers and millions of views on her beauty tutorials where she didn't hold back from being her quirky, Muslim self.

It turns out major makeup brands were watching too.

After dozens of beauty videos, Afia received an unexpected email from the global cosmetic brand CoverGirl.

And before she knew it, Afia was in Los Angeles shooting a commercial to be a part the brand's newest campaign focused on embracing diversity.

“It was really amazing that I got to be me for this,” Afia said. “I thought they would want this very angelic Muslim girl. And that's not me at all. I'm like really out there. Wild.”

It is the first time CoverGIrl has featured a woman in hijab, an opportunity the young mother never even allowed herself to dream of as an insecure teen growing up in Aurora.

“When they came out with the article that said history making beauty blogger and I was like what,” Afia said.

Now Afia wants to show her daughter and other girls to shoot for the stars.

“I know there are other girls like me struggling, I want them to know that just because there`s hatred in the world, there's also so much good,” Afia said. “And CoverGirl doing this and putting me on this platform shows them they have something to dream for.”

Afia said she wants to continue growing her line of tutorials and is thinking about starting her own fashion line.