Brutal penguin fight over love triangle will break your heart

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A love triangle sparked a bloody battle between penguins that might be too painful for some humans to handle. It’s heartbreaking and bloody.

The brutal battle captured by National Geographic is made even more difficult to endure by the dramatic commentary.

“This penguin has come home to find his wife with another penguin. He FLIPS OUT,” the narrator said. “His strategy is simple: batter the homewrecker until he flees.”

Warning: The video is graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

Unlike most birds, which have hollow bones to make them light enough to fly, penguin flippers contain solid bones, according to National Geographc. The penguins use their flippers to batter each other with up to eight blows a second.

You can hear the males screeching as they fight.

“The love rivals call to the female to let her decide the victor. She chooses the homewrecker.” the narrator said. “He follows them home. This fight isn’t over yet.”

The narrator points out there is more at stake than just a broken heart, although that feels like a big deal by this point.

“He stands to lose more than his partner. An injured penguin is a prime target for hungry birds of prey,” the narrator said.

The “husband” calls to the “wife” but it seems her heart has gone cold.

“He makes one last plea to the female. But she’s got no time for losers. Defeated and humiliated, he’s left out in the cold,” the narrator said.

The narrator tries to leave the audience with a glimmer of hope for the rejected penguin.

“In a colony of nearly a quarter of a million, there are plenty more fish in the sea,” the narrator said.

However, many people who saw the video felt nothing but heartache.