Single mom’s car ruined; good Samaritans step up to save the day

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DENVER -- Snezana Njegavanovic is raising three beautiful children.

Just as Snezana started a new job to provide a better life for her kids, her car broke down.

She trusted two men, referred by a friend, who said they could fix it for hundreds less than a shop.

It turns out they didn't know anything about fixing cars and left her Mazda in disrepair. It was then towed.

“I said please put my car back so I can find somebody else to help, they just ran off," she said.

FOX31 received a tremendous response from viewers after the story about Snezana aired.

One viewer, Sean Cavill, immediately offered to donate his car.

Big O Tires of Parker then offered to make sure the car was safe for the family, installing several new parts and even replacing the windshield for a finishing touch.

Cavill delivered the car to Snezana much to her surprise telling her, “I'm going to donate this to your family  today,  I saw the (story) and figured you needed it a lot more than I did.”

Her children wasted no time in inspecting their new car, smiling from ear to ear.

That was the first surprise.  Snezana said she loves to watch FOX31’s "Good Day Colorado" each morning and is a huge fan of meteorologist Greg Dutra.

When Dutra learned of Snezana’s tough experience, he didn’t hesitate to  show up to lend a few words of encouragement.

Snezana said she couldn’t believe his kindness adding, “Oh my God this is like a celebrity ... mom take a picture!”

"You guys are going to make me cry," Dutra said. "I just heard the whole story from Shaul and there’s no way I couldn't come by.”

A GoFundMe account has been established to further help Snezana.