One arrested after pointer laser flashed at news helicopter

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DENVER -- One person was arrested after a blue laser was directed at a news helicopter on Thursday morning, the Denver Police Department said.

The two flashes happened about 6:20 a.m. and came about two to three miles away from where the helicopter was flying.

The flash hit the windshield and because of the curvature, it turned the cabin blue, pilot Kelby Alexander said.

A camera happened to be pointed at the building when the flashes happened and Alexander was able to track down where it came from. Alexander reported the incident to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Denver Police Department responded to the parking lot of Communications Supply Corporation at 10035 E. 40th Ave., near Interstate 70 and Central Park Boulevard where two men were questioned.

One of the men was arrested and handed over to the FBI, a police spokesman said.

No injuries were reported, though Alexander said it was a very dangerous situation, especially because it was still dark and it affects night vision.

The helicopter is shared by all of the news stations and 850 KOA. Besides Alexander, photographer Paul Drexler and KOA reporter John Morrissey were on board the helicopter at the time of the incident.

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