President Obama’s social media accounts to shift when he leaves office

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WASHINGTON — The White House announced Monday that when President Barack Obama leaves office in January, he will also be leaving the @POTUS Twitter handle behind for the next president.

All of the account’s 11 million-plus followers will stay, but the contents of the feed will move to a new Twitter account: @POTUS44, according to the White House’s digital transition plan.

The current @POTUS account will be wiped clean for the next American leader.

The White House Facebook and Instagram pages will also be handed over to the next president. Those will also be wiped clean. Obama’s content will be archived at and

It will be the same for accounts belonging to the first lady and vice president.

Other digital platforms will be frozen and preserved digitally. All content posted to the webpage during Obama’s presidency will move to

Basically, every platform will be wiped clean for the next administration and all of Obama’s content will be preserved digitally at a new URL.

Obama was the first “social media president.” He was the first to @POTUS on Twitter, the first president to go live on Facebook from the Oval Office and the first to use a filter on Snapchat.

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