Florida woman gives birth in hospital parking lot, charged with delivery room fee

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BOCA RATON, Fla. — A Florida woman unexpectedly gave birth in a hospital parking lot months ago, but that same hospital turned around and charged her a delivery fee that she says is too high.

It wasn’t the way Paula D’Amore planned to bring her baby girl into the world.

“We drove up, my husband ran out and I said — you know — she’s crowning and her head came out,” D’Amore said.

D’Amore’s husband caught the baby’s head. Nurses ran out to help with the rest of the delivery.

Daniella was born in the fire lane in Boca Raton Regional Hospital’s parking lot.

“To me it was beautiful,” D’Amore said. “It didn’t matter if it was in my house or in the car, or in the hospital. It didn’t matter.”

But seven months later, the surprises kept coming. The hospital sent her a bill for $7,000, the delivery room fee when in essence, Daniella didn’t need much help.

“I mean like yes, charge me, but not $7,000,” D’Amore said.

A spokesman for the hospital said the administration has no comment.

“They are basically saying that everything was billed appropriately,” D’Amore said.

D’Amore said she planned for the birthing costs before delivery. But since she never made it to the delivery room, she thought the hospital would adjust her bill.

“I knew that I was responsible for $5,000. I get it, I’m going to pay the bill. That’s not the issue,” D’Amore said. “The issue is that I’m like — I look at this delivery charge and I think that’s a little outrageous.”

D’Amore said she will pay the bill even though it says the baby was delivered in her car before arrival.

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