Broomfield ranked as ninth-fastest growing county in the U.S.

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BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- In the past 90 days, the City and County of Broomfield has secured $500 million in economic development, according to Mayor Randy Ahrens.

Broomfield is the smallest county in the state, the newest county in the country and the ninth-fastest growing county in the United States.

Ahrens has spent most of his life in the area.

"I'm literally a home-grown mayor. So it's pretty serendipitous that I'm here at such an exciting time," Ahrens said.

The county had several large businesses show interest in the past three months, including JPMorgan Chase, IKEA, and the plumbing and HVAC manufacturer Viega.

JPMorgan Chase bought 106 acres of land on West 160th Avenue near Sheridan Parkway with the intention of building a $200 million data and storage facility. A few miles away at Interstate 25 and Highway 7, IKEA has plans for a large plot of land.

It's located next to the gas station where Crystal Haislip works. Haislip has lived her entire life nearby and isn't thrilled about more growth.

"It's not the small area that it used to be. It used to be fields. You used to be able to see the mountains and now you can't," Haislip said. "It's just going to keep going. It's not going to stop. There's nothing we can do."

Ahrens agrees.

"We could probably have the same conversation in six months and we'll have some new projects coming," Ahrens said.

He also said the reason growth comes so easy is because there are no rule differences between the city and county of Broomfield. There's only one governing body for both.

So not only do businesses only have to worry about one set of rules, the county can also combine services like the police department and the sheriff's office.

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